Shelley (2016) Review

If you want to be left staring at the credits scrolling by with your brows furrowed and feeling confused and a little mad, then this is the movie for you!

Shelley is a Dramatic Horror film directed by Ali Abbasi.

It stars three main characters, a couple and their maid, living in the wilderness in a small cabin style house. While assisting with their simple-but-not-so-simple lives, Elena (the maid) and Louise become friends. Finally it comes out that Louise cannot have children due to a history of miscarriages.

Louise asks Elena if she would consider being the surrogate for Louise and her husband, and after some deliberation she agrees.

Shelley felt similar to the style of Antichrist: not really letting you know what’s reality and what isn’t; what is connected to mental illness and what isn’t; and having multiple pleasantly framed shots to illustrate mood (or possibly just a filler).


While it also felt experimental, it still had a little more of a plot/story than Antichrist did before it devolved into bizarre and shocking violence.

Shelley was interesting, but not the best foreign film I’ve seen.

I honestly felt a little upset when it was over. Way too many questions that could have bee answered in a much more beautifully cryptic way (such as in Antichrist) instead of just ignored. I was bored, then confused, then shocked! And shocked some more! And then down right disappointed. The ending was so predictable and it just became an actual demon baby trope. maxresdefault

Shelley had a lot of untapped potential that I wish the director and writers tapped into. A little more development of the story, maybe? Or even just a better ending. Something.




Well the school year has started, and between my classes, homework load, and my job, I still find myself with a surprising amount of time to waste free time.

I figure now is better than ever to begin to post reviews and thoughts on films I’ve watched.

Thanks, then!

Just A Note

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Holidays (2016) Review

Holidays is an anthological film that brings together nine filmmakers (including Kevin Smith), and isn’t unlike ABC’s of Horror 1 & 2. The difference here, is that each short is based off of a different holiday, i.e. Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc.

This movie, while it was enjoyable to watch was what I would refer to as “cute”. Some stories were clever and while I myself wouldn’t have been able to come up with the concepts, the whole thing was still disappointing. It did occasionally surprise me story or effects wise, it was moreover predictable and any surprise experienced was short lived.

I do have to say that each short was visually appealing and definitely creative.



The anthology as a whole though, is almost frustrating because each short felt like a story was being started, but never finished. The story would reach a climax and then patter off with a shot backing up from the main character and dramatic music. These effects don’t make a film, short or otherwise.

One can watch this and devise their own opinion, of course, but this isn’t something that I’m going to be watching again anytime soon.