Hostel (2005) Review

“Hostel” is a horror film made in 2005 and directed by Eli Roth. It follows the story of three young tourists backpacking around Europe. During their travels they hear about and decide to stay at a youth Hostel in Slovakia.

This mind numbing attempt at a sort of slasher film had me rooting for the main characters to die before the film was even halfway over.


Whether it was intentional or not, I was still thoroughly annoyed and disgusted by the the three main characters more than I was by the gore.

Granted, the special effects used were great, and the air of distrust of one’s surroundings was correctly portrayed. I feel that if the director allowed for the main characters to be less of the disgusting pigs that they were, then it would have made for a more interesting and intense film. A viewer doesn’t necessarily have to feel completely connected to a character, but even feelings a little sympathy instead of rooting for the “bad guys” to finish the job would have been more preferable.


Because I mean, what are the odds that the tourists who are captured by the people running the organization are gross examples of American tourists, let alone gross human beings in general? It just seems highly unlikely to me. The prospect becoming attached to at least relatively relatable characters who you know are going to die horrendous, gruesome deaths that you have to fast-forward is exciting.

While I do tend to be a fan of mindless, violent films from time to time, I wasn’t a fan of this film. It had no substance and between the honeypot technique and the gross personalities shared by the tourist trio I was just waiting for it to end.


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